The Spice Circuit is a personal invitation to be our guest; to connect with our homes and household and experience our custom, culture and cuisine.

Passionate about their roots, proud of their heritage and much captivated by their culinary legacy, Chef Kanthi Kiran Thamma and Wilson Rajan under the patronage of Martha Lucius have taken up the mantle to re-discover and present the Dravidian land and tradition to the world like none before.

The Spice Circuit is not just a passage but a platform to showcase the profundity of South India and Sri Lanka to people from around the globe; people who love to travel; who want to go deeper than a tourist and eagerly discover the Dravidian history and culture and learn for the first time about regional cuisine that are not so known to many.

What do we offer

The culinary sojourns offered by us are not just different or are a typical high on gastronomic affairs but it has a very special personal touch to it too. With the tour owners travelling along as Culinary Ambassador and Host, these food tours are unparallel and extraordinary in all ways…you will be travelling with professionals but as family. Our journeys are:

Tailored: to maximize delivery of traveler’s particular interests.

Gastronomic: The first of the tours to have an unparallel culinary focus.

Rare: The rarest of opportunity to travel with one of Brighton’s most acclaimed Chef and understand the diversity of the cuisine of each of the travel destinations.

Insightful: A professional Guide at most of the destinations to throw light on the history, culture and uniqueness of each of the travel locations.

Well assisted: The Host accompanies you through the tour to ensure your focus remains on enjoying the tour without being bothered of tickets, queues, needs, searches, etc.

Truly select: be it the group size, the stays, the coach you travel and every other component of the journey from your welcome to the departure, each of them will have an assured ‘moment of wow’.

India being a huge and mystifying country, with many different religions, traditions and cultures, travelling to India can be a major culture shock, particularly on your first visit. The Spice Circuit will play the perfect host and ensure your passage to India is safe, scintillating, smartly planned and well executed.